The Game's Afoot!: Sherlock

Hello All,
Spurred on by my love of the new BBC series Sherlock (that I discussed here) I decided that this year I would delve into the world of the famous detective. I wanted to avoid overwhelming myself, as I often do, so I decided that I'd do two short stories a month. So for January I started off with "Scandal in Bohemia" & "The Red-Headed League". An excellent start I have to say.

Although I find myself plagued with one thing: I can't stop picturing the main characters as their film versions. (By the way I'm referring to Mr. RDJ, Mr. Law, and Ms. McAdams. Strangely it's not the wonderful gentleman from the recent BBC series. Perhaps it's because the BBC series performances and stories are so well adapted to the modern world.) It's clear that Holmes & Watson, initially are a bit of a blank slate. A reader's interpretation is built up over a series of stories, they do not jump immediately off the page. In a movie you only have 5-10 minutes to establish the main characters, so it's up to the actors, writers, directors, etc. to create a distinct character right off the bat. Whereas Doyle, as an author, is clearly more plot driven.

I am reminded of Wilkie Collins detective character Sergeant Cuff from The Moonstone, who was wonderfully distinct in a dickens-esque way. I guess since Doyle was writing for the serials, he didn't feel compelled to include character moments over fast-moving plots. I'll wait till I read a few more to see if this is true.

Highly enjoyable tales both of these, and easily readable in one sitting.
Have a great week! Book Slave.


Reading List 1/25/2011-2/1/2011

Hey folks,
It's a wonderful horrible snowpocalypse outside. It's like a shower of a fluffy white which I can safely observe from the warmish inside of the Hermitage. It's definitely hermit-weather. So here's the plan this week.

Reading List 1/25/2011-2/1/2011
Heed the Thunder by Jim Thompson
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Entertainment Weekly-(At Sundance they hand these out like candy.)

All caught up again, I will be diving back into the quarter bin pick ups. Yes it's back to classics like this:

I'm also gonna spend this week diving into Dr. Who and Wallander dvds, as well as hopefully some laid back time usage. It'll be good for the soul.

Have a great week! Book Slave.


Reading List 1-18 to 1-25

Hey folks,
Howse it going? It's delightfully warm and sunny this January. I like it. I like it a lot. You know what I don't like? These books piling around me. Need some motivation. Need some drive. Or I need to know when to give. It's a tough balance that I have trouble maintaining. Thank god I have some major reading/watching/being time piled up next week. So here's some of the plan for next week. (Of course I endeavor to do more, but here's a goal to pitch for)

Reading List 1-18 to 1-25
Now and Here Again and Heed the Thunder-These Jim Thompson books are slow reads. I believe he gets leaner later on. At least I hope so.
And Then There Were None
"The Red-Headed League"-Oh Sherlock! Can't wait.

Oh the bi-weekly stack of comic goodness has arrived. Good to see some new Comics on deck.

Four Four Two.

So I'll be relaxin' & Sundancing this week. Let's see what happens. Have a great week! Book Slave.


Reading List 1-11-2011 to 1-18-2011

It's very chilly here in this salty cold desert. I'm really not kidding. Let's get going.

Reading List 1-11-2011 to 1-18-2011
Now and On Earth
And Then There Were None-Agatha Christie is "cozy" right? I think I can make that argument.

Four Four Two

Dakota North Investigations-Yeah this is another $0.25 purchase. I just can't believe this series ever existed.

And a wonderful array of DVDs which are in my possession. One even involves shirtless wolf-boys. (It's from the library folks. I'd never actually pay for that.)

Have a great week. Book Slave.


Old Comics: Incredible Hulk #316

In an attempt to get rid of what's been lying around for far to long, I'm finally getting around to reading some of these old quarter-bin books that I've picked up here and there. So this week I picked up the delightful Incredible Hulk #316. Now I've never really been a Hulk fan but I thought that for a quarter it's worth checking out. I mean look at that cover!

So here's Five Things I Found Delightful About This Old Comic:
1. Opens With A Wonderful Dutch Angle Full Page With She Hulk. John Byrne does a wonderful job bringing us into this issue with a fun off-kilter beginning.
2. That John Byrne Really was great back in 1986. Mind you this was before his legendary "Man of Steel" re-imagining of Superman. Now I must read that series if it's better than this. This was fun.
3. Tony Stark's Wonderful Arrogance. Of course he can take on the Hulk alone. He tells other superheroes to hang back and then gets pummeled. It's great.
4. Namor saves the Day! Then gets his Ass kicked by Doc Samson. Yeah Namor and Doc Samson are also in this book! Also Hercules, Wonder Man and Betty Ross. This book is full of characters all in one issue!
5. First and Last Hulk Conference page. Rather than a letters page there is a delightful little one page which is a mixture of photo and comic. This one-pager stars a 1986 versions of Byrne, Denny O'Neil, Jim Shooter, and the Hulk with word balloons and sound effects. Delightful!

What a great surprise. Sometimes you get lucky. Have a great week. Book Slave.


Reading List 1/4/2010-1/11/2011

Hey folks,
As always it's the first Tuesday of the year so here's a new Reading List post. It's a hope of mine that I can return to a push to get these books/magazines/comics read throughout the week. That's my intention anyway. So here we go.

Reading List 1/4/2010-1/11/2011
DMZ vol. 1-This is a reread for the Graphic Novel Club program that I run
Now and On Earth by Jim Thompson-Part of my Jim Thompson Year.

Short Story
"A Scandal In Bohemia"-Part of the Sherlock Holmes Year

Four Four Two

The Incredible Hulk #316-Picked up for a 25 cents. Should be fun eh?

So there it is. A New Year. It's amazing that I've done this so long, and that you, Constant Reader, are somehow still reading out there in cyberspace. Have a great week! Book Slave.


Year Four: Origins & Goals

Hey folks,
Yes Indeed it is YEAR FOUR of this blog. If you go back far enough in the archives you will discover that I began this blog way back in 2008. I've told the origin story before but I will repeat it for those who are new: I had been thinking about putting my own thoughts out on the inter-webs already. I needed an outlet for my thoughts and writings but I didn't see a viable vehicle.

Now why CNN forces Anderson Cooper to spend New Years Eve with Kathy Griffin is beyond me. It seems like unnecessary torture for a man who honorably reports from around the globe. I had to see this train wreck live so there it was New Years Eve and I was watching CNN. They started speculating on goals/resolutions for the new year. Anderson Cooper, looking handsome as ever, said that he wanted to blog more in the new year. And that's when I thought to myself, well if Anderson Cooper has a blog, then why can't I? Then I looked around and knew that one of my resolutions that year was to cut down on the amount of books in my TBR pile. Why not combine both? I would do a blog centered around my reading goals. So on Jan 1, which just happened to be a Tuesday I began The Reading List of a Book Pusher.

In YEAR FOUR here's a few goals and projects I like to through out there:
-I'm going to read 24 Jim Thompson books. That's 2 books per month. I'm really looking forward to this challenge since The Grifters is one of my favorite titles, but I haven't re-read it in 15 years. Nor have I read any other Thompson titles either.
-Going to read 1 short story a week. Could be Sherlock Holmes or a modern author. I just feel that this is a good habit to pick up.
-Zines. These unique materials exist in my department at work and my reader's advisory needs to be sharpened in this regard.
-Sandman. I'm reading it all this year, due to my new-found love of Neil Gaiman.
-Participate in the Get Your Read On challenge at my library. Sometimes I'm very competitive with my co-workers. I also like to read outside of my comfort zone.
-Last but not least: A 25% deduction in the TBR pile. More of a focus on the books I have lying around here, then library books. It's a good idea.

There it is. And I hope to maintain a regular posting schedule for you, Constant Reader. Life can get in the way, but I wouldn't still be doing this blog if I didn't feel it was worth something. So I hope you stick around. Have a great year! Book Slave.