A little Ranting & Reading List 7/27-8/3

Hey Folks,
Don't worry I'm still alive! This summer is a very busy thing for your humble reader/blogger. This week I had the chance to sit back and dive back into the wonderful magical world of the reading experience. That respite was a moment of sweet salvation from a very hectic time. It was a great reminder that no matter how crazy the world can get (and it can get crazy), there's a place that you can escape to. Reading is not about just "getting thru it." It's not about getting the slate clean. Even when you have "homework" if what you are reading is well-written then it's not "work." Literature, books, the written word, whatever you want to call it, should be a joy. Let's not forget.

Alright, stepping down from my personal pillory, here's the plan this week.

Reading List 7/27-8/3
Battle of the Labyrinth
Batwoman: Elegy

A gorgeous stack of goodness.

Four Four Two-World Cup Wrap Up.

Google Reader Catch Up Continues. It's at the point where it's not 1000+ which constitutes a lot of hard work folks.

Have a great week! Book Slave.


Reading List 7/13-7/20

Hey folks,
So I'm much less busy now that certain Alt Press Festivals are over. Hopefully posting here will become more regular. The Alt Press Festival was a massive success with good music, art and sock puppetry. In fact if you look on certain social networks (such as the Facebook) you'll actually find a decent picture of yours truly, as well as the other committee members. So you'd think that I would just take it slow after such a massive undertaking but no you'd be wrong. Well wasn't it Frances McDormand who said "Be Bold and Mighty Forces will come to your aid" ? So here's the plan this week:

Reading List 7/13-7/20
Powers Definitive Hardcover Vol. 1
With the Old Breed

A wonderful stack of comic goodness.

Gotta catch up on the Google Reader. It's overflowing.

And that's it folks. Seriously. Have a great week! Book Slave


Reading List 7-6-2010 to 7-13-2010

Oh poor neglected blog. Don't worry I'll be back to posting regularly, I know that you believe in me.

Here it is:
Reading List 7-6-2010 to 7/13/2010
Batman #866, Amazing Spider-Man 632-635, Fables 96, New Avengers 1, Captain America 606, Walking Dead 73, Fantastic Four 580

I'll also try to attack the Google Reader Inbox. It's overflowing.

And that's all folks. Seriously I may squeeze in a short book, but otherwise I don't have time this week. I'm very busy.

Have a great week, Book Slave. (Well really just Slave this week.)