The Importance of a Wait-list Book

I can hear you asking like a jealous lover:"Where have you been?" Yes I did not post last week, however I have a good excuse. I was at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT indulging in my other obsession: films. I was away from my dear laptop during this time and unable to post. However this means that I have some reviews ready for you so let's get on with it.


Y the Last Man Vol. 2
An Excellent read. Just as awesome as the first arc, the second one follows Yorick and the gang as they try to make it across the country to Cali. He ends up finding refuge in a town with a secret and coming face-to-face with his sister Hero. Hero has become a man-hating Amazon, brainwashed into hunting down her own brother. Has a killer ending. What a great series.

Blood on the Forehead written by ME Kerr
Half of the book is a great read for aspiring writers. Especially for those interested in YA literature. Unfortunately the autobiographical/advice chapters are offset with chapters from her other books which felt like filler. Could've done without those.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born
Amazing Art and a great narrative voice. I really enjoyed this crazy, weird, dark world based on the original Stephen King novel. Can't wait for the next arc.

Coast of Utopia Vol. 1
An amazingly intellectual play about the development of philosophy in 19th century Russia. I was struck by the relationship between Belinsky and Bakunin near the end of the 2nd Act. However, even with my token knowledge of philosophy I found myself lost, so be prepared. This is a play about ideas and people talking. Stoppard excels at this type of theater and this is the beginning of a saga that I'll continue.

Amazing Spiderman #545
A controversial issue so I had to check it out. The art was amazing, Quesada still can draw. However I found the entire conceit of it as preposterous. Even though it brings back Spiderman, I think it showcases the biggest criticism of comics. Comics are constantly retconning with no rhyme or reason and I think this drives some readers away from the medium.

Reading List 1-29-2008
Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Graphic Novel

Entertainment Weekly
Wizard Magazine

So I hope this made up for missing last weeks posts.
Enjoy, Rachel Getts, Book Pusher


Sometimes things don't go as planned...

Hey, so sometimes I have to change my reading plans. The need to adapt your reading plan quickly can be essential when all of a sudden you're f----ed. I'm eloquent as always. I'm sure that was a fascinating insight eh? Good thing I'm the only one who sees this right? What I'm saying is this: There aren't any reviews this week because sometimes your plans get screwed.

So on with the list.

An Elegant Madness

Graphic Novel
Y the last Man, Book 2

Coast of Utopia: Volume 1

Amazing Spider-man #545

Vanity Fair

Hopefully I'll have some reviews next week. Happy reading! Book Pusher


January 8, 2008

Hello to the world out there! or really just me. So this week I saw success in my reading goals. Will I do it again? Let's see.

Last Week
Bird by Bird by Annie Lamott
Finished. This book is great for those who are interested in becoming writers whether professionally or just personally. Had a lot of advice, as well as funny moments.

The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler
Had to read this for professional reasons (I work as a librarian) but I think I would have read it eventually. Some good chick lit passages. Very metafiction. I'd say mainly for Austenites and women readers in general.

This week
An Elegant Madness

Graphic Novel
Dark Tower: Gunslinger is Born


Wish me luck this week. Book Slave


A New Start?

Well folks, I'm intent on commitment to this blog thing. As a bookslave I carry a heavy reading list of books, magazines, comics, and graphic novels. Don't feel intimidated, this is all I really have. I know that sounds depressing but I actually love the fact that I have so much to dig into.

So here's my reading list thus far:

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Graphic Novel
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2

Entertainment Weekly


Enjoy the holidays! Book Slave