Is this Blog Dead? No Sir-ree!

Hey folks,
I know that you've probably left me for dead. Not so! Once a month is not a good way of keeping you here, but I assure you this blog is not far from my mind. At the moment I am feeling that crazy urge to get back to reading those pesky things called books. Maybe it's a blind panic but I feel as if I am getting behind. I need to engage my mind.

I've managed to keep my promise to avoid buying books. Although I despair that I am nowhere near a Borders liquidation sale (the store near us closed it's doors 5 years ago) there's no reason for me to add to the piles of paper that stack up around here. At least books from the library are transitory. Admittedly though I need them to be more transitory. I had successfully managed to get the piles down, but now in this spring book fever they have reemerged.

I find myself obsessing over book reading plans again.

This is all good because I have been very busy (this is no lie, just an excuse) running a writer's workshop and trying to pull off a coup over a neglected library program. Looking to revolutionize your alternative press collection and promote these unique collections? Then I aim to prove that I am your girl.

But the books are calling me again. I can't help but be pulled in.

I hope to contribute more here. And earn back your attentions.
Have a great week! Book Slave.