Reading List 5/3/2011-5/10/2011

Hey guys,
It's a new month! Let's be happy brothers and sisters. Apologies for being MIA last week, but I was busy, sick, neurotic, tired and there was a wedding...well I had a lot going on. And really not too much time to read. But this week I'm on it. Really. I swear.

Reading List 5/3/2011-5/10/2011
Back When You Were Easier to Love by Emily Wing Smith-Terribly excited for this. I loved The Way He Lived, even though it hurt me physically with it's words.
Jimmy Corrigan by Chris Ware

Library Journal

Got some back issues of Unwritten, Morning Glories, and Batgirl for fun.

Also looking forward to digging into Downton Abbey, and Mad Men Season 4. Also there's some small movie about a Norse God that I'll be seeing.

Have a great week! Book Slave.

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